In cooperation with the Institute of Forests, the Nazarje Regional Unit, a natural science/cultural educational trail Monastery Hill was prepared in 2003, which since then operates under the auspices of the museum. The trail is short and diverse, as is its content, wishing to present its visitor a place with a glimpse of its history, and emphasise the surroundings, forests and timber, which had a decisive impact on the development of Nazarje.

The trail starts in front of the Vrbovec Museum. From here, it ascends to the nearby hill to the Franciscan monastery and encircles it, returning along the Dreta River to Vrbovec Castle. On the way, we learn about the history of Vrbovec Castle and the Franciscan monastery, which are the most important sights of Nazarje. The main part of the trail is dedicated to the importance and the role of forests and the forest edge, and we familiarise ourselves with numerous tree and shrub species, peculiarities of forest management in Slovenia, dangers from non-native invasive species, and many more interesting things.

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The nine points present the following:

Educational Trail
  1. Vrbovec Castle
  2. Protective role of the forest
  3. The Franciscan monastery with a library
  4. Forest edge
  5. Sustainable forest
  6. Dead tree
  7. Spread of non-native black locust
  8. Coniferous plantation
  9. Dreta River